Large or Small ...We handle them all....

Grooming  Options :

* Full Groom - includes bath, brush, nail trim/file , ear cleaning, hair cut, external anal gland expression

* Mini Groom- includes bath, ear  cleaning, nail trim/file, clipping Only under the eyes, pad of the feet , and the potty area. 

*De-Shed Service - includes bath, blow out, nail trim/file, and ear cleaning

Clinic Grooming Services

Grooming Services 

​​​​Call 334-918-2130 to schedule your grooming appointment  

Clinic Bath / Blow Dry               $15.00-$25.00

Clinic Nail Trim (Only)                 $11.00

  Anal Gland Expression (Only)  $12.00

Clinic Grooming Services are done by our Castaway Team and are available Monday-Friday .  Call 334-918-2130 to schedule your pet's appointment today. 

Grooming with Amanda:  Thursday's & Friday's by Appointment Only

​​​Professional Grooming By: Amanda